Study trip to Japan and South-Korea


organized by AUDE chairs UUA and RA


Part of the team visited Japan prior to the workshop in South-Korea, to see traditional and modern urbanism and architecture. The journey started in Osaka, mainly a modern city, with a bustling city centre, quiet modern musuems (by architect Tadao Ando) and traditional architecture (Shitenno-ji buddhist temple). Two days were spent in Kyoto, to visit its wonderful and impressive traditional architecture and gardens, but also to see the new Kyoto Station and a modern housing project by architect Kazuyo Sejima. Next came a visit to the island of Naoshima, with modern museums (again Tadao Ando) and traditional villages. The last day was spent in Okayama, for the famous Koraku-en garden, and Himeji, for the stunning castle.

The goal of the following stay in Seoul, one day before and three days after the workshop in Chungju, was to do research on transportation hubs as urban nodes in the South-Korean capital. A professor and two students of KUDA, and a professor and a student of Seoul National University joined for a mini-seminar on the subject and to visit the different nodes, the day before the team left for Chungju. The team also visited the new Seoul Skygarden by Dutch architects MVRDV.

Coming back to Seoul after the workshop the research was continued, together with visits to highlights in Seoul (traditional and modern) architecture and urbanism: Changdeokgung palace, Space Group building (by architect Kim Swoo Geun), the Cheong-gye-cheon stream regenaration, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Gangnam district, among others.

Back in Eindhoven the students will elaborate the research in drawings and analyses for the different nodes, and conclusions about transportation hubs in the organisation of urban space in Seoul.