Eindhoven: a public space à



Jurre van Kuijk & Evelien Abels


This project forms an alternative for the future plan for Strijp-S, which is a former industrial area of Philips in Eindhoven. In the last years, the place is transformed into a ‘creative’ center with apartments, shops, and cafés.  At this moment, the public spaces are open and undefined, as the project is not completed yet. Large residential blocks are planned and there won’t be much room for public space left in the plan. There is also little connection between those residential blocks and the morphology of the area. As an alternative, this study project introduces the historical grid structure which allows to experience Strijp-S as a coherent and understandable area. Because the dimensions have an industrial logic, the environment will consist of narrow streets with custom-made building typologies. These narrow streets ask for car-free zones and large public spaces to reside for inhabitants and visitors. A square and a park designed for multiple uses form an addition to the most important boulevard crossing the area. The park is located in an area with single-family homes while the square is located in the North, which becomes a more urban part of apartment blocks.


The project was selected from the master project Eindhoven, a public space. This studio has focussed on redesigning urban areas and public spaces within the city. Evelien Abels and Jurre van Kuijk were nominated for the Best Master Project award 2017 and were granted the award for the second place.