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Urban Case Studies 2017


Figure 1 Impression image Kop Grasweg (source: DELVA Landscape Architects)


To start the project of the Kop Grasweg in Amsterdam well, the view towards the IJ and the rest of Amsterdam were its main advantage. However, at the moment Hurks bought the land of the Kop Grasweg, the north of Amsterdam was not very popular with the locals. But the land was cheap because of the crisis and the results could be promising for the rest of the North of Amsterdam.

Together with Amvest and Allianze, Hurks started to develop the area. The area was at the start an area with lots of variation. The Kop Grasweg is part of the more industrial area and is located on the corner of the IJ and Tolhuiskanaal. The opportunity of this location is the direct view on the opposite of the IJ on which the Pontsteiger building is placed but also other iconic building of Amsterdam.

There will be 3 separate areas in the masterplan;

- City Waterfront: at this area, the view is most important. In this area, more luxury apartments are realized.
- City Icon: this plot contains offices.
- City Plots: this area contains social housing, arranged by Allianze, as well as 3 free building plots

In the masterplan, other elements were important as well. The view lines from inside the plan towards the waters is an important element. These lines are meant to give people the feeling that they still have air to breath in a very dense area. Other limitations determined by the masterplan are the height of the buildings and the different zones of the plan play an important role in giving the area a character.

Furthermore, an additional bridge would increase the quality of the plots, however, the municipality does not have money to build it. This is a clear example of the many stakeholders involved in an area development. This complexity is visible in the many years it took to develop. the market has improved greatly since the time of purchase resulting in the opportunity to ask high prices per square meters when selling the apartment.



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