International Urban and Architectural Design Workshop in South-Korea 2017

From the 11th to the 16th of August 2017 students of six universities participated in the International Urban and Architectural Design Workshop, organized by Korea National University of Transportation, department of Architecture, Chungju, South-Korea. Fifty students of KazGASA University, Kazachstan, Chiang Mai and Thammasat Universities, Thailand, Saga University, Japan, Korea National University of Transportation, South-Korea and Eindhoven University of Technology formed six international design teams supervised by tutors of the paricipating universities. The teams worked on three sites in the city of Chungju, all ready for regeneration, and all three also connected to the theme of (smart) mobility and transportation. In five days the teams visited the sites, took part in a seminar, and developed design proposals for the sites on an urbanistic and architectural scale, in an intense pressure-cooker style design process. The last day all teams joined the excursion to the new administrative town of Sejun City. Not only did the international collaboration in the teams yield fruitful results that ranged from precise and small-scale to visionary and futuristic, all participants also learned a lot about collaborating in teams, about communicating and about cultural differences - and how to overcome them.